Unique Gallery, “Once upon a Still Life,” exhibition a success. - May 6-24, 2010

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Last Thursday was a day for me to remember.  Unique Gallery hosted my exhibition.  My first showing in approximately 5-6 years.  In the beginning I didn't know what to expect.  I have been living in Grande Prairie under the rocks and in the shadows for all these years and scared to see the reception that I would receive.  Since last Novemeber, when I started producing again, I have slowly submerged myself into the Grande Prairie Art Scene.  And some might laugh when I say "art scene", but the truth is...there is.  Perhaps it just isn't getting the exposure that it deserves.  But, I also think that this group of skilled and modest artist sit back and watch.  Only getting involved when a showing is involved. "Once Upon a Still Life", in my opinion, was a complete success for me.  So many elements of the night made it a success.  The people.  The laughs.  The creative conversations.  Emerging talent coming out.  And the support that I felt throughout the evening. I want to thank everyone that came and all the encouraging words. As this show ends, I prepare for the next.  The Centre for Creative Arts will be the hosting venue for another solo exhibit in the fall.  Finding the path for these works are still to be determined.  But, something different might be the answer.

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