The Centre for Creative Arts has re-opened in Grande Prairie. - April 29, 2010

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The staff and the group from the Centre for Creative Arts are finally home.  The last stand to getting back into the facility was a little stressful, but all prevailed and within a couple weeks of getting in...a show was revealed. The architecture continues to echo the history of the building from the outside and some from within.  Walls have been removed, an elevator installed for all access, some heavy upgrades and they are ready for business. The Centre is looking forward to what they can offer and how they can impact the arts in the community with the new building.  I look forward to seeing the growth that is going to come with it.  The support for the arts was very evident through the Jim Stokes show.  Supporting the exhibition came approximately 150-200 smiling faces and not a single negative response to the evening. And our new era begins.

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