Supply list for Figure Drawing on February 20, 2010. - January 11, 2010.

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Here is the supply list for class.  If there are any other materials you will be interested in trying, feel free to bring them.  However, this is what we ask you to bring, everything else is extra. Newsprint- 50 sheet roll (available at the college bookstore for about $5.00), 6-7 sheets of white cover stock paper (available at the college bookstore for approx. $1.25 each), Charcoal pencil, Graphite pencil or sticks (HB, 6B), 2 bulldog clips, Bagged lunch. Coffee will be available.  Yes, we are saying bagged lunch becaue of the time.  We are going to class and there will only be 30 minutes before the drawing starts again.  It will be busy, so any other drinks that you will want to have throughout the day we recommend you bring as well.  The idea from Jim Stokes and myself is to give you as much information as we can in a short amount of time.  And to have fun doing it.

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