Figure Drawing Workshop at the Centre For Creative Arts a success. - February 20, 2010.

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Well, the workshop has come and gone.  After 2 months of preparing for this event...and now it is over.  In a sense, a little disappointed to see it go.  But, it was such a fantastic thing to be apart of.  I want to stretch out a big thank you to Jim Stokes for helping this and being a part of the process and the experience.  I once again learn in class even though I am helping in the instruction.  Caught up in the experience of art and the process of making art, we were blessed to have 8 fantastic and eager people.  My only question to them is if they were as tired as I was in the end and if it was worth it?  As tired as I am, I would do it all over again.  Who's next?  I'm ready.

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