Figurative Workshop. - February 27, 2010.

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I want to take this opportunity to give you a quick update about the new “Figurative Workshop.”  Jim Stokes and I will be leading this new program with high hopes to answering questions and giving a foundation to developing skills. Saturday, February 27th, 2010 has been the date set, so mark it on your calendars.  It will be a full day, starting at 10 and ending around 4.  We are going to try and develop the class with knowledge of history in figure subjects with a basic and intermediate skill set.  After a brown bag lunch, we will introduce a model and begin practising what we have learned. The cost of the workshop is $100.  The only drawback from this is class size, 15 is the maximum number.  However, with sizing we won’t lose hands on approach and the developing goal that we have set for ourselves with 2 instructors. At this point I would like to welcome questions from anyone.  I would also like to invite you to forward this to people you think might be interested.  Jim and I are eager to help those interested and willing regardless of what level a person practises at.  And look forward to developing traditional art and art awareness in our community.

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