Degas Exhibition at AGA in Edmonton - February 27, 2010.

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Getting up at 6 in the morning and on my way to Edmonton to enjoy a day of art.  Art Gallery of Alberta has now officially opened and they didn't disappoint me.  Eventhough, the negative words are still circulating because the money was spent on revitalizing a battered culture component and not being spent on another arena or parking lot. It reminded me of my travels in Europe and the spaces being used.  It was rejuvenating to see a line up to get in, which I was more than willing to stand in.  And once in, a crowd of people already in the gallery.  All ages weaving inside and around all the pieces and sculptures.  It was good to see and a fantastic experience to have someone approach me to see if I had questions. To be able to walk into one venue and be able to see Goya, Degas, and Cardiff in one spot...sign me up...I want to go again.  The simplicities of life at our fingers, yet sometimes they feel so far away. Enough said.  Just go, you won't regret it...not even a little bit.

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