Even though I am originally from Ontario, I grew up in northern British Columbia.  I left for Grande Prairie and Calgary to pursue post secondary schooling, but I never forgot where I grew up.

Still searching for something which has taken me to the corners of Canada and finally to Europe. Only to be pulled back to the pine trees, the mountains, straight roads, and dry air. I remember my experiences of cathedrals, cobble stone streets, sunsets over the Louvre and long walks in the Swiss countryside. These and so many more will always stay with me and are a part of me now.

I reside in Grande Prairie, Alberta now. I have returned to the place where I started my art understanding. And now hopefully, I can share that again with others here. Giving them the help and understanding they need for their own quests and discoveries in life and artistic careers. I continue to learn from the people around me and the people I meet. The art that I create can be viewed as the product of life.

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  • Ken says:

    Congratulations Dan, your website looks great and your artwork is spectacular. How do I get my hands on an original before the price goes up too high!

  • Jason Betke says:

    Good to see you’ve started grinding charcoal again Dan. Your work treads a fine line between sensitive abstraction, and bold gestalt that is quite rare. Makes me want to pick up the sticks again myself. Stay inspired.

  • Dan says:

    Opening is on May 6, better be there.

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